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The Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics



The Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics (MBG) of Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) was established in 1999 in Alexandroupoli with a vision to become a Leader Institution in Education and Research. MBG is the only University Department in Greece dedicated to providing a curriculum in Molecular Biology and Genetics, two fast growing scientific disciplines that lie in the heart of Innovation in Health, Food, Environment and Agriculture.


The Undergraduate Program of Studies has been designed to provide a firm theoretical foundation as well as practical experience in basic and advanced technology in Molecular Biology & Genetics. During the four-year studying, students are exposed to basic concepts, state-of-the-art approaches and current methods of Molecular Biosciences. Also, a variety of intermediate and advanced courses provides an in depth exploration of Molecular Biology and Genetics as well of their applications and a number of elective courses cover current and evolving trends in basic and applied Molecular Biology and Genetics, but students particularly benefit from the diploma thesis during the final semester when they undertake their own research project.


MBG graduates are employed, both nationally and internationally, in a wide variety of positions in clinical settings or research entities of the private and public health sector, in industry (pharmaceutical, food industry and others) and in teaching of Biosciences. Many MBG graduates pursue advanced degrees in Greece and abroad, having a reputable track record of prestigious fellowships and awards.34_big.jpg


MBG operates in a modern building of 3500 sq.m in the University Campus, outside of the city next to the Department of Medicine and the University Hospital. The Department uses two teaching classrooms (which will be kindly offered for the SymBioSE 2015 lectures), two modern laboratory classrooms that have been designed to support hands-on laboratory experiments and laboratory instructional sessions and a computer lab. The Library of the School of Health Sciences and the cafeteria are in a nearby building. The research facilities of the Department consist of 12 research laboratories, cell culture facilities, a microscopy room, dark room etc

Strategic vision of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG) is to develop into a research excellence and innovation center in Greece and internationally.


The Department aspires for its faculty to exploit fully their research capacity, to develop and sustain research collaboration with the Medical Department - which, jointly with MBG constitute the School of Health Sciences - as well as with other Departments of DUTH, to maintain research collaborations with Greek and international Research Centers and Institutes and to build valorization capacity via productive consortia with Industry and SMEs at the local and national level.  Targeted research endeavors of MBG faculty focus on producing innovative knowledge of high additive value, and the capacity to create applications in human health and the biotechnological and environmental sectors.


As of 2013, MBG also offers a post-graduate program on “Translational Research in Molecular Biology & Genetics” which aims to prepare researchers to work at the interface of the basic Molecular Biosciences and Medicine.


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